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Sustainability Report 2022

Promotion of Health and Productivity Management

INPEX Group Health Statement

We believe the mental and physical health of all employees is fundamental to the Company’s wellbeing and therefore regard health management as a material management issue. The INPEX Group Health Statement issued in September 2018 sets out the Company’s position to support and improve the health of employees and their families, with the President & CEO appointed as Chief Health Officer.

The statement declares that: the Company will maintain and improve the physical and mental health of employees as well as their families; the Company aims to build a vibrant corporate culture by creating a work environment to maximize the potential of all employees; and employees should recognize their own responsibility in improving their lifestyles and proactively strive to maintain physical and mental health.

Approach to Health and Productivity Management

Under the leadership of the President & CEO as Chief Health Officer, we are working with our labor union, health insurance union, and medical officers to maintain and improve the health of our employees and their families and to create a healthy workplace. For this purpose, we have set up Health Management Committee. The Committee meets regularly to identify employee health issues and consider relevant solutions, while implementing ongoing improvements through the PDCA cycle. To improve the expertise of the Committee, our head office medical officers are also members.

Health Management Committee

Health Management Committee (graphic)
1 Committee inauguration date: Same as date of establishing rules to promote health as a management issue (September 26, 2018)
2 Frequency of committee meetings: at least once a year
3 Agenda items:
  1. Issues relating to employee health and required countermeasures
  2. Groundwork for treatment of health as a management issue, steps to improve the workplace environment
  3. Specific measures to address employee mental and physical health
  4. Review effectiveness of measures to maintain and improve health
  5. Other important matters relating to maintaining and improving health

Measures to Maintain and Improve Health

We believe that health maintenance is a material issue for management. The INPEX Group Health Statement declares that the Company will maintain and improve the physical and mental health of employees as well as their families, and aims to build a vibrant corporate culture by creating a work environment to maximize the potential of all employees. We have established a centralized database to manage the results of employee health checks, and have stationed health nurses on a permanent basis at our head office and at operational locations with more than a certain number of employees. There is much collaboration between medical staff at different locations as part of a systematic approach to mental and physical health management.

To maintain and improve the health of employees, we have implemented a range of measures, such as: 100% participation in annual health checks; measures related to mental health and overwork; establishment of separate smoking areas; introduction of health apps; and health promotion events. To further these initiatives, we have established specific targets for: employee participation in health checks and stress checks; average overtime hours; paid leave acquisition rate; and participation in government-sponsored specified health checks and specified health guidance programs.

Employees posted to positions outside Japan are provided with immunization against infectious diseases and annual health checks in Japan. They also receive information on medical care in their assigned localities, and are covered by emergency transportation arrangements, which include international transportation in case of injury or sickness.

Taking a medium- to long-term perspective on health, in FY2022, we developed the INPEX Health Management Strategy Map and INPEX 7 Health Actions, and are monitoring the degree of implementation and effectiveness of health measures to improve the overall health levels in the Company. Through initiatives such as these, we aim to create a vibrant corporate culture by reducing the incidence of disorders caused by stress or poor physical condition.

Mental Health Initiatives

We conduct employee stress checks once a year to ascertain the mental and physical condition of each employee, and analyze the organizational environment to enable workplace improvements. The checks allow us to monitor the mental health of employees at regular intervals, with a high 93% of employees completing the check in FY2022.

For those with mental health issues, the primary physician, medical officers, health nurse, HR department, and the employee’s supervisor work together to provide follow-up care while the employee is on leave and after their return to work.

To prevent employees from feeling isolated during the drawn-out COVID-19 pandemic, in FY2022 we: provided education on psychological safety to new graduates during their orientation training; offered an external employee assistance program (EAP) that allows employees to seek consultation when feeling mentally or physically unwell; and conducted weekly pulse surveys. We also enabled access to mental health counselors to employees stationed overseas and their accompanying family members. The system under which trainees receive operational guidance and emotional support from older workers—referred to as “mentors” (for first-year office workers and first- and second-year technical employees) and as “supporters” (for second- and third-year office workers)—is now well established.

Initiatives to Tackle Health Issues

We conduct a variety of initiatives to support the health of our employees.

For health checks, there are various measures in place to allow employees to receive regular examinations and understand and apply the results in their daily lives, such as workplace health checks, financial assistance for complete medical examinations and cancer screenings, and receipt of health check results from medical officers. Regarding infectious diseases, we also offer financial assistance for influenza vaccinations.

In addition to health checks before and during overseas assignments for applicable employees and their families, we strive to alleviate their health concerns and maintain their health. These initiatives include familiarizing everyone with overseas medical risks, such as sharing and bringing attention to the risk of infection from malaria and Zika virus. We also provide vaccinations before overseas assignments as well as bear the costs of health checks and such when they return temporarily to home.

Furthermore, we are striving to create work environments that allow employees with cancer or other serious diseases or complaints to balance treatment and work, such as through our newly established sick leave system and flexibility in workstyles (extension of shorter working hours, shortened working hours for flextime work, and selecting the number of working days per week).

Performance for Health and Productivity Management

FY2022 Performance

<Health Management Committee Meetings>

  • Two meetings, on June 2, 2022 and December 13, 2022

<Major Initiatives for Health and Productivity Management>

  • Formulation of the INPEX Health Management Strategy Map
  • Formulation of the INPEX 7 Health Actions
  • Established a three-year plan to achieve no smoking at all during working hours at all offices
  • Introduction of a total health support plan that combines online health seminars with smoothie deliveries to improve diets by addressing the skipping of breakfast and a shortage of vegetable intake

<Status and Verification of Effectiveness of Health and Productivity Management Initiatives>

<Status and Verification of Effectiveness of Health and Productivity Management Initiatives>





Encouraging health actions

Installation of health support app (%)



Participation in health events (%)



Participation in online health seminars (%; from FY2022)

Preventing aggravation of lifestyle-related diseases

Participation in specified health guidance (%)



Participation in periodic health checks (%)



Participation in follow-up health checks (%)



Rate of health checks for employees on overseas assignments during temporary return to Japan (%)



Number of applications for financial assistance for cancer screening



Number of sick leave cases (from FY2022)

Number of employees who took sick leave



Rate of employees who smoke(%)



Rate of employees who maintain appropriate weight (%)



Rate of employees who regularly exercise (%)



Rate of employees who feel sufficiently rested after sleep (%)



Rate of employees who regularly consume alcohol (%)



Rate of employees with blood-pressure risk (%)



Rate of employees with potential risk related to blood-sugar level (%)



Rate of employees with poorly controlled diabetes (%)



Measures for mental health

Participation in self-checks (%)



Participation in seminars regarding care by management or self-care (%)

Participation in organizational diagnosis (%)



Stress reaction (deviation)



Work engagement (deviation)



Rate of employees with high levels of stress (%)



Rate of employees with high levels of engagement (%)



Absenteeism (days)



Presenteeism (points)



Number of employees on long-term absence/leave due to mental issues



Number of cases received by various consultation desks



Promoting work-life balance

Average hours of overtime work



Total number of employees with more than 45 hours of overtime work in a month



Total number of employees with more than 80 hours of overtime work in a month



Rate of taking leave (%)



One-on-one meetings (%; from FY2022)

Use of financial assistance for various club activities (%)



Use of outsourced welfare services (%)



List of Other Measures for Maintaining and Improving Health

<General Health Measures>

  • Establishment of infirmary/health management room (medical officer/public health nurse/nurse)
  • Establishment of health consultation desk
  • Support for requirements against lifestyle-related diseases
  • Financial assistance for health checks
  • Medical officer consultation based on result of health check
  • Health-related seminars
  • Stretching and yoga sessions for stiff shoulders and lower back pain
  • Morning warm-up sessions (before work)
  • Welfare activities
  • Promotion of contracted sports facility use
  • Provision of in-house influenza vaccinations or financial subsidy
  • Treatment of time required for vaccination as working time

Recognition under Health & Productivity Stock Selection and Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program in 2023

In 2023, we were recognized for the fourth consecutive year under the resources category of the Health & Productivity Stock Selection program jointly operated by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Tokyo Stock Exchange. We were also acknowledged for the fifth consecutive year as a ‘White 500’ enterprise in the large enterprise category of the Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program. The Health & Productivity Stock Selection program selects publicly listed companies for exceptional performance in their strategic approach to employee health and productivity management1 from a management perspective. White 500 enterprises are jointly recognized by METI and the Japan Health Council (Nippon Kenko Kaigi) as enterprises making outstanding efforts to address health and productivity management.

We were recognized for our efforts to identify and tackle employee health issues, and for the specific measures we have taken to create a basic framework for health and productivity management and to boost the mental and physical health of our employees.

1 Health and productivity management: A registered trademark of the Workshop for the Management of Health on Companies and Employees

Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization 2022 (White 500) (logo)