Sustainability Report 2022

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Sustainability Report 2022

Addressing Community Feedback

In accordance with the principles outlined under “Our Policy”, we record and manage the feedback we receive from local communities, and endeavor to provide appropriate responses where needed.

We receive feedback via diverse channels, including our toll-free hotlines, email, and face-to-face consultations. This information is shared with relevant personnel and used to monitor community sentiment and the types of inquiries received. We strive to identify community concerns at an early stage and minimize potential risks. We properly respond to grievances by following our established procedures and establishing the facts of each matter with the cooperation of the relevant stakeholders.

The following graph provides a breakdown of the inquiries and feedback received in FY2021 from residents living near our key project sites and operational facilities, based on our external stakeholder response procedures.

No grievances were recorded under those procedures during the year.

Breakdown of inquiries and feedback received from local communities in Japan, Australia, Indonesia, and the US in FY20221

Note: Figures are rounded to the first decimal place.

Breakdown of inquiries and feedback received from local communities in Japan, Australia, Indonesia, and the US in FY2021 (pie chart)
1 Community Feedback in Australia

Case study: Perceptions survey providing insights into stakeholder engagement

In 2022, a comprehensive stakeholder survey was conducted to measure perceptions of INPEX and the company’s economic and social contribution to Western Australia and in particular to Broome in the Kimberley region—one of our key communities in Australia.

Across a six-week engagement period, a consultancy firm, on behalf of INPEX, undertook 23 individual interviews and shared multiple digital surveys with government, industry, local businesses, and community stakeholders.

The survey results highlighted an overall positive sentiment with 76% of respondents agreeing or strongly agreeing INPEX is a trusted organization; 59% of all respondents agreeing or strongly agreeing INPEX engaged with the community regularly; and 87% of the Broome face-to-face respondents agreeing INPEX brings economic and social value to the Kimberley community.

The survey also indicated while Broome-based stakeholders and service providers were more likely to agree INPEX brings value to the community, lower awareness among government and community participants was observed.

The survey outcomes identified areas of opportunity and improvements for INPEX to refine its engagement strategies and improve its overall relationships with stakeholders in Western Australia and the Kimberley region. INPEX plans to undertake a similar perception survey in Australia’s Northern Territory in 2023 and the insights gained through the 2022 survey will also support the development of future perception surveys.