Sustainability Report 2022

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Sustainability Report 2022

Our Policy

INPEX is systematically developing a compliance structure that is essential for the sustainable development of the Company, and strives to ensure compliance with laws and regulations and adherence to corporate ethics. Specifically, we have established the Compliance Committee, which develops compliance-related policies and plans, discusses important matters, monitors the effectiveness of compliance-related regulations, and supervises the implementation of compliance programs to promote unified compliance initiatives throughout the INPEX Group.

In addition, under the Sustainability Principles,1 we have established the Code of Conduct, which defines the practices to be followed to ensure compliance and thereby supports observance of the Business Principles that guide how we conduct our business.2 We are also working to raise awareness of compliance among our officers and employees. The Business Principles and Code of Conduct were established by respective resolutions of the Compliance Committee and the Board of Directors, and are continuously reviewed in light of changes in the external environment as well as legal and regulatory requirements.

1 Sustainability Principles

2 Business Principles and Code of Conduct