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Sustainability Report 2022 (for FY2021)

Sustainability Report 2022 (for FY2021)

HR Evaluation and Placement

INPEX aims to maximize performance across the organization by ensuring employees treat the organization’s objectives—based on the objectives drawn up by each division and the corporate headquarters—as their own. This is to achieve the highest level of employee motivation—by having each individual outline the specific processes leading to achievement of their own annual objectives—to reliably and efficiently realize the objectives of the organization as a whole.

An INPEX Values-based evaluation process is implemented at all sites, including Australia and Indonesia. One important assessment criterion used is the level to which INPEX Values are demonstrated in daily operations. The process enables employees with diverse backgrounds and values to go about their tasks with a shared understanding of the values expected of INPEX employees. It also encourages them not only to achieve their own individual goals, but to deliver results for the entire organization.

In addition, employees are given the opportunity once a year to state the kind of work they would like to do or to request a transfer. A new internal job posting scheme—designed to optimize job placement within the company while boosting employee motivation—was also introduced in FY2017, and in March 2021, INPEX established an internal side job system, providing opportunities for employees to take on new challenges across organizational or job-category lines. These are some of the initiatives adopted to revitalize the workplace while creating an environment that enables employees to carve out their own careers. Further, a job return program was introduced in April 2020 providing an opportunity to motivated employees who had resigned due to unavoidable personal reasons to return to their jobs.

Based on the findings of the Global Engagement Survey conducted from late 2019 through early 2020, we introduced a new job-focused personnel system for senior management in April 2022. The system is designed to clarify the job roles of executives, define remuneration based on job responsibility, and address line-management succession planning and related training.

Evaluation System

INPEX’s Business Principles state that there will be no discrimination on the basis of race, skin color, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or age—and this applies also to the provision of job opportunities. Remuneration is based on the principle of “equal pay for equal work”. For regular employees, remuneration is tied to demonstrated ability, and for executives, it is based on job grade—and in both cases, without regard for gender.

Women have become increasingly active in all job categories in recent years, but because the level of women’s involvement is still uneven across job categories and the percentage of females in senior management positions remains low, the company will continue its efforts to advance the role of women at INPEX.

Global Activities to Promote INPEX Values among Employees

Since FY2014, INPEX has been taking steps to promote its corporate values, known as the INPEX Values.

Nominations for “Values People” and “Values Teams” are collected through an internal survey. These are employees, executives, contractors, and teams that demonstrate their ability to put the INPEX Values into practice. Highly ranked nominees are interviewed, and the interviews posted on the intranet. All INPEX personnel are then given the opportunity to read the interviews and vote for their preferred nominees to receive INPEX Values Awards. This is intended to improve personnel awareness of the INPEX Values, the level of which is measured through the employee engagement survey.

2021 Interviewees (photo)
2021 Interviewees