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Sustainability Report 2022 (for FY2021)

Sustainability Report 2022 (for FY2021)

Message from the CEO

INPEX will promote both stable energy supply and energy transformation in our efforts to realize a net zero carbon society.Takayuki Ueda

Keyfigures at a glance


Net carbon intensity
compared to 2019


USD of social investment


of training per person

Sustainability Development Goals

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Sustainable Development Goals

We will contribute to solving the sustainability issues addressed in the SDGs by stably supplying energy in a cleaner way.

Highlights of the year

Highlight 1

Feature Story about INPEX Vision@2022

We highlight our core policy to help usher in a net zero society by 2050, and our vision for where we aim to be in 2030.

Highlight 2

Feature Story about Our response to COVID-19

We are striving to continue to deliver a stable supply of energy throughout the COVID-19 pandemic by taking action to ensure the stability of our operations.

Highlight 3

Internal and Outside Officer Roundtable

A roundtable discussion was held among internal and outside officers to examine the Board’s effectiveness and its role in leading INPEX forward.