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Sustainability Report 2022 (for FY2021)

Sustainability Report 2022 (for FY2021)

Our Policy

Our Health, Safety and Environmental Policy (HSE Policy) ensures the safety and health of our employees, contractors, project partners, local community members, and all other stakeholders while minimizing any adverse impacts on the environment. To firmly implement this policy, the corporate HSE Unit—comprising the HSEMS Group, Health & Safety Group, Process Safety Group, Security & Crisis Management Group and Environment Group—promotes HSE management through a robust HSE Management System.

We strive to further enhance our HSE management practices by giving priority to the following commitments based on INPEX Vision @2022:

  • Demonstration of HSE leadership by our senior executives
  • Contributing to carbon-reducing projects through HSE management
  • Thoroughly conducting risk management
  • Strengthening incident prevention efforts
  • Preventing leaks from facility processes
  • Preparing for emerging threats1
  • Helping to address global environmental challenges and creating environmental value
  • Reinforcing infection control measures

1 Geopolitical risks, cyberterrorism, large-scale natural disasters, etc.

Message from Director in Charge

Takahiko Ikeda (photo)
Takahiko Ikeda
Director, Senior Executive Vice President Senior Vice President, Technical Headquarters and in charge of HSE

To realize the sustainable energy development we advocate as part of our mission, we are required to conform to high ethical standards as a member of society and foster a corporate culture that prioritizes safety and environmental protection. In order to maintain a stable energy supply, we need to conduct our business internationally in search of natural resources. In this pursuit, while we continue to comply with international norms and standards, we must also continue to nurture a corporate culture that will be widely accepted by the international community. Accordingly, we have established the group-wide INPEX HSE Policy to ensure our operations are aligned with our HSE Management System (HSEMS), which is based on international standards.

In line with the Long-term Strategy and Medium-term Business Plan (INPEX Vision @2022) issued in February 2022, we will strive to serve domestic energy demand and enhance our internal platforms to support the realization of a net zero carbon society. HSE will be a core element of this endeavor. Specifically, we will strive to completely prevent major accidents by ensuring thorough implementation of safety rules, including monitoring compliance with Life-Saving Rules for high-risk operations, and by strengthening process safety management for prevention of hazardous leaks from plants. We will also use the process safety management insights gained from our oil and natural gas operations to properly manage facility safety in the five net zero businesses. Moreover, we will continue to expand HSE technical support across our oil, natural gas and five net zero businesses, through such means as HSE-related documentation, training, auditing, and reviews.

Going forward, our relentless pursuit of HSE excellence will better enable us to contribute to society with the stable supply of diverse and clean energy.

* Major accident: fatality incident, leakage, serious injury