Sustainability Report 2023

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Sustainability Report 2023

Our Policy

Embodying the management philosophy of the INPEX Group, it is essential for INPEX to build an organizational structure and cultivate a workplace capable of amplifying its strengths in fieldwork, technology, and internationalism, and respond flexibly even in a rapidly changing business environment. Our objective is to build an organizational culture in which people feel empowered to voice their ideas without constraint fostering an environment for growth and innovation. We seek individuals who create business value through embracing diversity, a commitment to personal growth, and demonstrate autonomy. To achieve this, we are working on various key measures based on our Basic Policy on INPEX Human Resources Strategy.

Basic Policy of Our Human Resources Strategy

To become the “Employer of Choice,” the most rewarding company to work for, by creating an organization, workplace and culture that encourages employees to take on challenges and act autonomously

  • Foster a corporate culture that encourages innovation by endorsing ideas and changes that are not bound by precedent
  • Build a culture that encourages individual performance and collaboration to achieve goals with a “Safety Number One” mindset

To assign the right people to the right positions and conduct appropriate evaluations and compensation in order to enable diverse human resources to play an active role

  • Develop and deploy leaders at a global level to adapt to business speed and create value by integrating human resources with diverse backgrounds
  • Enhance motivation through highly transparent evaluations and competitive compensation based on such evaluations

To secure and develop human resources capable of continuously creating value in a changing business environment and improve their engagement

  • Establish recruitment branding to build understanding and empathy for the Company’s businesses
  • Provide practical growth opportunities to increase on-site and technological capabilities

INPEX Human Resource Vision

Four key pillars in INPEX HR Vision

As a company operating across the world, we view workforce diversity and common values shared by our global workforce as essential for sustainable and responsible business management. To achieve these goals, our Human Resources (HR) Unit developed the INPEX HR Vision, comprising four key pillars as a common vision for our Group human resources departments. This vision has been developed in consultation with the heads of HR departments in each country.

With these four core pillars, we are working to create an internationally competitive organization by applying a global perspective as we implement HR initiatives to improve the capabilities of our employees and team performance.

Development of INPEX Values to Become the Employer of Choice

At INPEX, we recognize that for each employee to demonstrate their full potential—regardless of age, gender, nationality, or other characteristics—it is important to adhere to the shared INPEX Group Values for both Group officers and employees to live and champion.

In addition, we regularly host psychological safety seminars for officers and employees, Open Offices (Dialogue with President & CEO, Senior Executive Vice Presidents, Senior Vice Presidents) and town hall meetings. We also foster communications through activities like team building exercises. Our aim is to create an organizational culture where people feel empowered to be themselves and contribute to innovation, ultimately striving to become the “employer of choice” at a global level.

Enhancement of Group Collaboration

To achieve sustainable growth for the Group in a rapidly changing business environment, we believe it is important for our foreign employees (who account for approximately 40% of our workforce) to collaborate. We encourage teamwork to cultivate growth and innovation, by leveraging shared knowledge and individual experiences and integrating strengths and capabilities. Specifically, we are building an organization where our employees from both local and overseas subsidiaries can collaborate and support individual projects. This involves holding regular global workshop meetings and technology exchange meetings across various divisions, as well as ongoing efforts to share knowledge, experience and pursue best practices across the Group.

We support HR development by providing leadership programs and skills-related training tailored to the circumstances of each country. Our head office leadership training program, designed for emerging leaders across local and overseas subsidiaries, aims to broaden their horizons and strengthen unity within the Group. While temporarily suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic, the program resumed in FY2023, with seven employees from Australia working at our head office.