Sustainability Report 2023

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Sustainability Report 2023

Our Policy

Through a resolution by the Board of Directors, INPEX has defined a Group-wide Health, Safety and Environmental Policy (HSE Policy) that aims to ensure the health and safety of its employees, contractors, project partners, local community members, and all other stakeholders while addressing global environmental issues and generating environmental value. The policy is applied to all employees and contractors who engage in Group activities, including our operational sites. The HSE Policy is implemented through the combined efforts of the corporate HSE Unit—comprising the Planning, Health & Safety, Process Safety, and Environment groups—and by way of our robust HSE Management System.

In 2022, we formulated The Corporate HSE 4th Phase Mid-Term Strategy (FY 2023 - 2025) (FY2023–2025), a three-year plan comprising the following commitments, based on INPEX Vision @2022. In line with this plan, we are enhancing initiatives to further improve our HSE management.

  • Strengthening incident prevention efforts
  • Further improving process safety management through systemic programs
  • Helping to address global environmental challenges and creating environmental value
  • Preparing for emerging threats1
  • Reinforcing health management and measures for infectious diseases
  • Demonstrating HSE leadership and improving effectiveness of the HSEMS
  • Enhancing HSE competency and securing personnel
  • Implementing HSE management for the five net zero businesses

1 Emerging threats: Geopolitical risks, cyberterrorism, large-scale natural disasters, etc.

Message from the Officer in Charge of HSE

Hideki Kurimura
Managing Executive Officer, Senior Vice President,
Technical Headquarters and in charge of HSE

To realize the sustainable energy development, we advocate as part of our Mission, we are required to conform to high ethical standards as a member of society and foster a corporate culture that prioritizes safety and environmental conservation. To maintain a stable energy supply, we must conduct our business internationally in search of natural resources. To this end, we have developed our HSE Management System (HSEMS) and conduct our activities in accordance with global standards.

In addition to our Group-wide HSE Policy, we have developed a comprehensive HSEMS Manual to ensure our policy is thoroughly and reliably implemented. We are expanding our platform of operation to ensure safety and protect the environment by applying the four basic principles of leadership, risk management, continuous improvement, and implementation as we conduct our activities.

We also formulated The Corporate HSE 4th Phase Mid-Term Strategy (FY2023–2025) in 2022. To achieve a rate of zero major incidents2, we will ensure compliance with the fundamental Life-Saving Rules and strengthen our process safety management. Through these measures and other efforts outlined in the Plan, these and other efforts, we will ensure implementation of the eight initiatives to further improve our HSE management.

Going forward, through our relentless pursuit of HSE excellence, we will contribute to society by improving our resilience in the oil and gas business and fulfilling our responsibility to ensure a stable supply of clean energy.

2 Major accidents: Fatalities, major leaks, or serious injuries occurring in an operator project